Frequently Asked Questions


When do you have appointments?

Counselling and Supervision appointments are available on Monday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and afternoons, and Thursday mornings and afternoons. 

Who do you work with online?

I support people across the United Kingdom as well as in a number of other countries too. If you are based outside the UK then please contact me to discuss whether we can work together (with due regard for the relevant law in our respective countries).


I offer counselling to people aged 16 and older.


I supervise work which is happening face-to-face, work which is happening online, and a blend of the two.

Is it possible to meet you in person?

I am based in Hull, United Kingdom. If you would like to meet me in person and are in the locality then please contact me to discuss this. I do not offer routine appointments in person but I am happy to meet with you for a one-off appointment so we can get a sense of each other "in real life". Please note, at present I am not able to meet in person due to the ongoing risk from the Coronavirus pandemic.

I'm not very good with technology. Can I still work with you?

I'm happy to speak with you and discuss what connecting online involves. We can consider what devices you have which you can use to connect and I will do my best to help talk you through what you need to do to set them up. 

What happens if I arrive late to a session?

Our sessions start and finish at pre-agreed times. If you are running late you can message me and I will wait until the end of our session time for you to arrive. We will need to finish at the time we've pre-agreed - so if you arrive late we cannot over-run. 

Can I consult you on a specific issue?

Yes. Please contact me if you think I can help you.